SugarExchange FAQ


  • Q: How does the new GPL v3 license change affect me?

    A: Click here for the SugarCRM GPL v3 FAQs.

  • Q: What is SugarExchange?

    A: SugarExchange is the SugarCRM marketplace where any Sugar user wishing to extend core Sugar functionality can choose among hundreds of module extensions, themes and language packs provided by Sugar community members and partners.Click here to view a brief Flash presentation discussing the SugarExchange marketplace.

  • Q: How does SugarExchange differ from SugarForge?

    A: SugarExchange is where Sugar users, system administrators and business owners go to discover and download or purchase extensions, themes and language packs. SugarExchange is targeted at Sugar users and administrators. SugarForge, on the other hand, is where the Sugar developer community collaborates and creates products, many of which appear on SugarExchange.

  • Q: What's in it for me, the Sugar developer or partner?

    A: SugarExchange is Sugar's new destination for user traffic - you get a lot of eyeballs. SugarExchange provides sophisticated ranking services - you benefit from your product's popularity. SugarExchange provides built-in ecommerce - you focus time and energy on your product that otherwise would be spent on your selling infrastructure. SugarExchange offers a high-powered developer program - you product is kept current and made available to Sugar open source and commercial customers. SugarExchange provides for co-marketing activities - you benefit by being involved in the Sugar marketing engine.

  • Q: Will all SugarForge project files be available on SugarExchange?

    A: No. Only SugarCRM approved and production-ready product is available on SugarExchange. SugarForge developers, in order to list products on SugarExchange, must assert that their product meets or surpasses SugarExchange listing requirements to ensure that their offerings meet minimum standards of suitability and quality. Additionally, SugarExchange providers must enter into an agreement with SugarCRM. This agreement governs the relationship between a SugarExchange provider and SugarCRM and ensures that a provider continues to abide by the listing requirements.

  • Q: Does SugarExchange support click-thrus to 3rd party sites?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Can I offer products for free on SugarExchange?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Can I offer products for a charge on SugarExchange?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: Can I do both (offer products for free and for a charge)?

    A: Yes. This is particularly useful if you wish to provide a 30-day free trial version of a paid product.

  • Q: Can I offer products to Sugar Open Source, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise customers?

    A: Yes.

  • Q: How much does it cost for me to be on SugarExchange?

    A: If you offer only freely downloadable items, there's no fee whatsoever. But if you take advantage of SugarExchange shopping cart or click-thrus, or wish to participate in the SugarExchange developer or marketing programs, then nominal listing and volume fees apply. Our pricing schedule is located here.

  • Q: I want to offer product on SugarExchange and make it available to Sugar Open Source, Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise customers. How do I do this?

    A: We encourage SugarExchange providers to benefit from selling into the Sugar commercial base. The SugarExchange developer program provides for a Sugar Enterprise license for this very purpose.

  • Q: Who sets the price of products offered on SugarExchange?

    A: Pricing and licensing is solely at the discretion of the provider.

  • Q: What is a "SugarExchange Provider"?

    A. A SugarExchange Provider is an individual or entity that publishes products on SugarExchange. A provider can be a Sugar developer, a Sugar partner, or even a Sugar customer. Providers establish SugarForge projects which in turn contain release files to download or products to sell. The provider, at his or her discretion, elects to publish SugarForge releases and products onto SugarExchange.

  • Q: I already have a project on SugarForge. Why would I choose to publish it on SugarExchange?

    A: The audience for SugarExchange, because it consists of Sugar users, administrators, business owners and others, will likely be significantly larger than the developer audience of SugarForge. SugarExchange will also be the focus of SugarCRM marketing and advertisement campaigns which will drive traffic. If you are interested in moving product, you'll want to make it available on SugarExchange.

  • Q: Will you provide advertising on SugarExchange?

    Yes. SugarExchange advertising and co-marketing plans provide SugarExchange providers with access to valuable Featured Products and Listings sections as well as newsletter mentions and event sponsorships.

  • Q: Will I get credit for downloads from SugarForge and SugarExchange?

    A: Yes. We merge the download counts from the two sites into a single download figure for tracking purposes. You get credit for the download whether it takes place on SugarForge or SugarExchange

  • Q: What about SugarForge?

    A: SugarForge will remain the destination for developer and project collaboration. The introduction of SugarExchange allows a sharper focus: SugarForge for development activities; SugarExchange for marketplace activities.

  • Q: Will all SugarForge projects be on SugarExchange?

    A: No. You will identify only those products and release files that are suitable for SugarExchange - finished product, not works in process.

  • Q: What do I need to do to publish a product in SugarExchange?

    A: This document (970K PDF) describes the steps necessary to publish SugarForge project items (products and release files) in SugarExchange. You must also meet the listing requirements. A SugarExchange listing agreement is also required.

  • Q: I have a SugarForge project with only downloadable release files, no products for sale. Can I publish these on SugarExchange?

    A: Yes. You can choose to publish just release files (free downloads), just products (for sale), or any combinations of the two.

  • Q: How do I enable a test drive?

    A: Sugar plans to implement an automated evaluation process to help facilitate evaluations later this year.

  • Q: Why can't I add HTML to my Company Description or Contact Info?

    A: We've implemented a filter which only allows certain HTML tags in Company Descriptions and Contact Info. This filter acts as a counter-measure to XSS exploits (more information on XSS) and helps promote a more secure browsing and shopping experience for SugarExchange users. Any embedded objects, forms, frames, or JavaScript references will be removed from your description.

  • Q: Does Sugar provide support for products or services purchased or downloaded from SugarExchange?

    A: No. Support for items obtained via SugarExchange is exclusively the responsibility of the seller. SugarExchange listings are governed by listing requirements and a contractual agreement which ensure that only items of production-ready quality are available on SugarExchange.

  • Q: Does Sugar get a cut of the action?

    A: No. SugarExchange simply facilitates the exchange of items between end buyer and the provider of a product. Sugar plays no part in this transaction and receives no compensation arising from the transaction. The transaction itself takes place via PayPal using the seller's merchant account.

  • Q: My application is not a free open source tool and I am not prepared to share source code with the community. Can I still list my product on SugarExchange?

    A: Yes. There is absolutely no requirement that you make your source open. Many items on SugarExchange are proprietary, binary files -- not open source. If you have an executable you can list on SugarExchange, just like other providers did with their offerings.