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INBOX25 Marketing Automation Made Easy


out of 5 stars

Service stands out

Reviewed by mspence (04/07/2014)

We saw great potential for Inbox25 when incorporated with SugarCRM. We received great support along the way as we learned to navigated Inbox25, the feedback was quick and valuable. Inbox25 integrates well with Sugar. Once you learn the tool, you can unlock its full potential.
We had ongoing questions and received ongoing answers. Good support separates Inbox25 from a lot of the competition.


out of 5 stars

Above and beyond, great service

Reviewed by lmaida (04/04/2014)

We've been using Inbox25 for a few months now. I'm not a marketer and really hadn't ever used such a product before- so I had and still have a ton of questions. The folks at Inbox25 are always a giant help and their willingness to go above and beyond to help users learn how to build the most effective and efficient processes. There is no downloading other programs in order to get them to interface with your process, or waiting on hold for 20 minutes while they try to find someone who can "better assist you". Their team is fast, and knowledgeable and their platform is tremendous. When the idea is to get the biggest bang for your buck, these guys make it happen.


out of 5 stars

Support is Top Notch, Works perfectly with Sugar

Reviewed by streetcorner (11/15/2013)

Have been using Inbox25 now for about 8 months. They integrate into sugar very well and have a great service. We have a large database and don't always send out a lot of email, so being able to pay for a certain amount of emails every month works great for us. If SugarCRM is the one you stick with I highly recommend using Inbox25. Their support is also very helpful and quick to get back with you.


out of 5 stars

Excellent product for Marketing Automation - Easy to Use

Reviewed by mikec123 (10/31/2013)

Having used other Marketing Automation solutions that are quite expensive, I found INBOX25 to be a very reliable and robust solution for Marketing Automation projects. Especially if you are looking for tight integration to Sugar. From importing of target lists to building out content this system is easy to use with a great user interface. The dashboard reporting, detailed reporting and other tools such as Site Monitor to measure and integrate web traffic and Scorecard to score leads make it the best competitive product for the money in the market. The support team has been very helpful and I find the online real-time chat to be a nice touch when working a project.


out of 5 stars

Tight integration with Sugar

Reviewed by gregory_white (06/21/2013)

inBOX25 integrates seamlessly into Sugar. There’s no need to maintain separate sales and marketing databases since it works directly with Sugar's Target Lists and records. Opens and clickthroughs automatically show up in Sugar so the salespeople have easy access to each person’s history. InBOX25 has nice reporting features, and super-easy social sharing. The support team is very responsive and helpful. We have found it straightforward and easy to use, with the big plus of never having to leave Sugar for email sending and reporting.


out of 5 stars

Every problem has an answer - in this case its Inbox 25!

Reviewed by clyonssvs (07/10/2012)

What first attracted us to this app was the flexible pricing options for high volume newsletters, and its superb integration with Sugar.

After using Inbox25 for three months we been very satisfied with the features of this app. The ability to track who has read our email, what articles were the most popular in newsletters, for our readers to easily subscribe and unsubscribe, and for it all to be automatic has been phenomenal. It has ended up saving hours of time in compiling stats and updating our customer database. I would recommend this program to anyone for both its standalone features and its integration with Sugar.

Being a part of the software industry already, we very much value service & support with software and are sensitive when it does not meet our standards. The immediate support from the inbox25 team when we hit a problem both met and exceeded our expectations. There is nothing better than knowing you have a support team like this on your side. They have the helpful attitude that makes you feel you are not alone and every problem has an answer!


out of 5 stars

A Perfect Match | Good App and Great Support

Reviewed by mjross (04/22/2012)

With many options on the market today; what clearly separates the winners are the teams behind the product. Everyone can compete on a pure price model and no one wins. Those that can provide real value, a solid product and excellent support are the real stars.

What works is having exemplary support, fast response times and a sincere commitment to do it right. We do and we seek vendor partners that mirror that level of commitment - Inbox25 has it all going for them.

The product has a seamless integration to Sugar (a moving target at times) and they keep the product in sync so that we can launch our initiatives seamlessly.

Good job guys!


out of 5 stars

Too expensive

Reviewed by supermarket1 (12/13/2011)

Every other major provider, offers pricing based on subscribers base: ; these guys offer pricing based on the number of emails sent!.. so if I have 5000 subscribers and need to email them 2x a week, I pay for: $400 instead of the regular: $50 per month from other providers.. they are crooks!


out of 5 stars

Seamless integration and awesome customer support

Reviewed by jtpope (11/02/2011)

We are a small company with a small marketing budget. We needed to place an emphasis on ensuring that our sales team was working with the highest quality of leads possible.

The seamless integration between Sugar and Inbox25 has allowed us to track response and develop more robust lead scoring. At the same time saving time and resources, while increasing production.

Most importantly, their entire team from sales to technical support has been unbelievably helpful in handling setup and tracking down issues to keep our system up and running.


out of 5 stars

Delivery with Style

Reviewed by followthemoney (06/22/2011)

InBOX25 and SugarCE replaced our existing homebrew contact management and email marketing system. We had some specific needs regarding segmentation and implementation of updates between Sugar and InBOX and the development team at InBOX exceeded our greatest expectations of what could be done.

Being a 501(c)3, cost is always an issue for us. InBOX delivers a quality product and amazing service at an unbeatable price point.

Additionally, our communications staff had this to say:

"I enjoy using Inbox, especially the instant reporting feature. The interface is simple and easy to understand, much more so than our previous system. The lines are clean, the process is logical, the final product is beautiful, and the reporting is fairly robust; however I do wish the sent email reporting would cover all opens, as opposed to opens in only the first twenty four hours. Finally, the only quirk which seems to have come up in email editing is the use of quotation marks. When double quotation marks are typed into the creative editor they appear only as single quotation marks in the preview and final forms of the email. This may be remedied by typing two single quotation marks into the creative editor, but presents a problem if forgotten."


out of 5 stars

At last, easy to use, super powerful & well supported emailer

Reviewed by instagiv (06/16/2011)

Have been using inbox25 for 2 months now. Integration with sugar is totally seamless & painless. A few issues were had at the beginning but this was down to my CE instance. We're saving so much time/money because we no longer have to manually update campaign data that we've been able to double our email sends. Support is totally first class, with near instantaneous responses (even when I've made a dodo!) which ain't bad considering the 8hr time difference! I've so far tried 5 different emailers, this is far & away the best I used.

INBOX25 is Marketing Automation Made Easy. Our all-in-one marketing platform was designed around our core belief that powerful and complex technologies do not need to be difficult to use or ridiculously expensive. Whether you’re a one-person Startup or a Fortune 500 company, your business can benefit from automation and improved efficiency. INBOX25 was born as an Email Service Providers (ESPs) and we excelled at providing companies an outstanding email marketing platform. We love email as a marketing channel and our email marketing engine is still the core of our marketing platform. One of our founders originally started INBOX25 in Buffalo – so, like a platter of wings, we will never leave you unsatisfied.

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