Act now to create your listing on the new SugarExchange!

At SugarCRM, we strive to make every customer relationship extraordinary. A key part of this strategy will be the new SugarExchange, which will be the goto place where our customers and partners will explore our ecosystem, discover add-ons, and get more information to make informed technology decisions.

In the near future, the current SugarExchange and the ISV page on will be redirected to the new SugarExchange. If you would like to have a listing on the new SugarExchange, you MUST take a moment and follow the steps below to create a listing.

As you get started, keep in mind the new SugarExchange is for add-ons targeted for commercial versions of SugarCRM, e.g. Professional, Enterprise. We’ve setup a GitHub repository for open source, CE add-ons.

You can sign up for an account on the new SugarExchange welcome page (upper right). We strongly recommend that you review the “Getting Started” guide before making your listing. This will provide answers to many of the commonly asked questions. We’ve tried to keep these steps easy so you can have everything done in about 30 minutes.

If you get confused or stuck, you can post a question in the Sugar Community integration category. (We’ll be tying everything together with SSO shortly, so if you sign up for an ID, make sure to use the same email address.) You can also send an email to your Sugar partner team.

Thanks for taking the time to create a listing in the new SugarExchange and being a part of SugarCRM’s partner ecosystem!

Mark Weitzel
Sr. Director, ISV Alliances

Zendesk for SugarCRM


out of 5 stars

Zendesk for SugarCRM is a brilliant, simple solution

Reviewed by menright (06/08/2011)

We have been running Sugar CRM for a year and a half and had found that the "case" functionality wasn't really meeting our needs as an organisation with regards to supporting our customers and managing email requests.

We desperately wanted to have a 'one stop shop' for handling all of our customer email enquiries, however our hopes, needs and desires seemed to be continually dashed on the rocks of despair. We found that Sugar didn't adequately satiate our thirst to provide the best possible experience for our customers.

We recently started using Zendesk and found the system to be, quite simply, brilliant and dreamed, hoped, wished that there was a plugin for Sugar, and our heathen rituals and sacrifices were not in vain. The Zendesk team came through with a brilliant, simple solution.

The Zendesk plugin for SugarCRM was easy to install and configure and works perfectly.

The Zendesk team was extremely helpful and responsive when we needed support and we have relished in the ability to address our customers concerns and needs so swiftly and efficiently whilst using the Zendesk for SugarCRM plugin.

Matt Enright
CIO Totalcom Corp


out of 5 stars

Solid first iteration

Reviewed by mattahern (06/06/2011)

Love having my SugarCRM info in the sidebar in Zendesk, very handy. Having the ticket info in Sugar as well as being able to add comments to Zendesk tickets from within Sugar is very handy.
As a first iteration, I give it 5 stars for providing a useful set of first features. I expect this to be a mature product very soon.
Good communication with the Zendesk Project Manager made this easier as well as knowing that someone really is listening. Full beta testing cycle moved through the test/fix/release cycle very fast.
Simple setup for both the Sugar and Zendesk components. Lovin' it.


out of 5 stars

Anthony Madama, Senior Technical Support Engineer at Brightidea

Reviewed by anthony_madama (06/06/2011)

At Brightidea, we value the streamlining of data across platforms. This new SugarCRM integration will allow us to connect critical sales and support information and improve cross departmental communication, while maintaining customer satisfaction as the pillar of our business.

Zendesk is the leading provider of proven,cloud-based help desk software. For growing organizations, Zendesk is the fastest way to enable great customer service. More than 40,000 Zendesk customers, including Adobe, MSNBC, Sony, OpenTable and Groupon, trust Zendesk with their most valuable asset, their customers. Founded in 2007, Zendesk is funded by Charles River Ventures, Benchmark Capital and Matrix Partners. Learn more at

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