IBM Connections


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Reviewed by paulfoucher (01/14/2013)

The new version (1.1) to Connections is great! Glad to see those enhancements.


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Very limited

Reviewed by azimarev (11/19/2012)

It was quite optimistic about integrating SugarCRM with IBM Connections, but I have only seen some basic screenshots and paid no attention to videos although I have seen video titles like "Wow!", etc. Today I managed to install the connection on SugarCRM Community Edition and it required some work to remove references to some connectors that are not included in the CE. At the end it worked OK.

So what do we see there? I can add an existing community or create a new one and when I do this I can see community files and members in Sugar CRM. So what? Is that all? I even don't see a link to my community, how do I suppose to go there from, say, an opportunity in SugarCRM? I am pretty sure the system knows the URL but for some reason it is not shown. Another important thing to show is the list of activities, at least, not talking about the content of these activities. But it is not there. So if I started some activities in my Connections community for some opportunity there's no way to see what's going on there from the CRM side. I even cannot go to the community, I need to go to my Connections and search for this community, presumably by name.

I think for those big big announcements about IBM/Sugar cooperation and social abilities of these products combines together, this particular connection offers too little.

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