Act now to create your listing on the new SugarExchange!

At SugarCRM, we strive to make every customer relationship extraordinary. A key part of this strategy will be the new SugarExchange, which will be the goto place where our customers and partners will explore our ecosystem, discover add-ons, and get more information to make informed technology decisions.

In the near future, the current SugarExchange and the ISV page on will be redirected to the new SugarExchange. If you would like to have a listing on the new SugarExchange, you MUST take a moment and follow the steps below to create a listing.

As you get started, keep in mind the new SugarExchange is for add-ons targeted for commercial versions of SugarCRM, e.g. Professional, Enterprise. We’ve setup a GitHub repository for open source, CE add-ons.

You can sign up for an account on the new SugarExchange welcome page (upper right). We strongly recommend that you review the “Getting Started” guide before making your listing. This will provide answers to many of the commonly asked questions. We’ve tried to keep these steps easy so you can have everything done in about 30 minutes.

If you get confused or stuck, you can post a question in the Sugar Community integration category. (We’ll be tying everything together with SSO shortly, so if you sign up for an ID, make sure to use the same email address.) You can also send an email to your Sugar partner team.

Thanks for taking the time to create a listing in the new SugarExchange and being a part of SugarCRM’s partner ecosystem!

Mark Weitzel
Sr. Director, ISV Alliances



out of 5 stars

Jonathan Steppos

Reviewed by jonathansteppos (11/26/2012)

Great to see Endeavor in the SugarCRM world!!! My company has worked with you in the past. I'll be calling soon, I know that you can solve our quoting problems once again. Really glad to see that you are now partnered with Sugar!


out of 5 stars

A Must Have Sales Tool

Reviewed by stinkybait18 (11/05/2012)

Getting accurate quotes out to our customers had been a problem for our company for years. Endeavor's CPQ product cataloged our products, consolidated our pricing documents and put it directly in our sales reps hands on their tablets or laptops. A process that used to take us days now takes us minutes. This tool has already made our company money by helping us close deals quicker.

Endeavor was formed in 1999 by Sean Myers and Richard Vosylius to help sales people sell more, sell faster and sell better.  In 2002, the company brought to market SmartCatalog, an integrated CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) offering.  SmartCatalog advanced CRM and eCommerce systems with an integrated guided selling system that made complex quoting and ordering fast and simple.  The product was very successful in the Microsoft and Sage market places.  Capitalizing on ten years of domain expertise, Endeavor brought to market the Guided Selling Engine in 2011.  The Guided Selling Engine is a cloud based CPQ platform built for the mobile sales person.  Accessible from any device, it is available as a stand-alone CPQ system or integrated with leading CRM systems including SugarCRM. Endeavor’s latest product suite gives sales people more quoting functionality than ever before to ensure they have what they need to Sell More Stuff.

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