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Contact Capture for SugarCRM


out of 5 stars

Not bad

Reviewed by tshepo (07/25/2012)

product works but could not set it to take none US numbers and it does not do well capturing name certain names


out of 5 stars

Address / Contact book... but on your computer!

Reviewed by kbrown174 (01/18/2009)

This is the most helpful address book/ contact list that I have ever seen. It beats any type of address or contact list you could possibly have at home. It saves time (which is a great aspect for me). I also love the two different options that you can show when using this program... the first is contact information for one company or person, the second is is a complete list of everyone and their information in your contact list. Have lots of problems? No problem! You can search for a specific contact a matter of seconds! Excellant product! I would highly recommend this to anyone. I wish I would have had it sooner! It would have made the invitation and vendor list for my wedding a lot easier!


out of 5 stars

Improves productivity!

Reviewed by basil_greece (01/18/2009)

I have to start by saying, i can't imagine my life, my work before Contact Capture!
As part of my job, i have to check out my company's contact email and add new customer info on SugarCRM on a daily basis. That got me going for about half my work time every single day. Since i installed it on my terminal as a test if it suited my needs, i'm happier, and so is my boss cause of my productivity.
When i made the decision to install this software, i couldn't have possibly imagined how it could make my everyday work much much easier.

My advice? Spend a few minutes of your time to try it. It will save your hours later on!


out of 5 stars

This program is a time saver!

Reviewed by lmansfield (01/18/2009)

I have done work for a Certified Public Accountant in the past collecting leads of tax attorneys, enrolled agents and cpa's for a martketing campaign. It was a demanding process that took me and others hours and hours of work. I just used Contact Capture for a current project I am working on that also requires collection of many leads, that would have taken me hours and hours of work. It took me only about 20 mins to complete on my own! All I had to do was have Collect Capture do the work for me, and all of the information were there! And the options this program has set up to export to is incredible. Half of the work is just collecting the leads. The other half is exporting them to the choice of database the client wishes to use. This program makes it all so simple. I only wish I had this program sooner! What a huge timesaver!

I also use it for other personal uses to save me time. Such as collecting updated addresses and concact information from friends and family. I love this program!


out of 5 stars

Completes SugarCRM

Reviewed by nickramirez (03/06/2008)

Contact Capture has made our investment in Sugar Professional Edition a worthwhile one. It has cut the amount of time it takes to enter a lead in the CRM by more than half. The product is very reasonably priced and most importantly it works!


out of 5 stars

Has changed my life

Reviewed by intelestream (02/01/2008)

Working in marketing, I am constantly adding new information into our firm's SugarCRM instance. Rather than having to manually add data into the system, with Contact Capture I can now create new leads and accounts by simply highlighting information at a click of a button. It does not matter where I find the information- whether it is in my browser, email client, word document, etc, Contact Capture has an amazing way of sorting out all the important fields and converting the data into our CRM. This has saved me hours of time and now allows me to focus on more important tasks than jumping from window to window creating leads manually.

As SugarCRM consultants, we recommend Contact Capture to all our clients based on our own internal success with the application.

One of the top five must have plugins for SugarCRM.


out of 5 stars

Much Improved!

Reviewed by niche1 (06/15/2007)

This is a follow-up review to my original review below giving it 2 stars.
Unfortunately there is no way to edit my original review, so I'm posting a new one.
After my initial problems with getting Contact Capture to work on a port other than 80, I emailed Broadlook support and they actually fixed the problem that day.

Now it works great, and we use it in our office frequently to get leads from emails into Sugar.

A few things that could be improved:
1. In the capture summary window, it lists all the text that you copied.
I'd like the ability to click once on this (which would select the text) and then be able to drag this block into the right field. This is only necessary when the automatic mapping doesn't happen. Now you have to double-click the line to select it, then copy, then paste. 3 steps which really could be consolidated to 1.

2. Would like ability to have the program automatically convert the email address into the a website URL (convert to and put it into the website field. There is a menu command to do this for you, but why not do it for me if I set that in the preferences?

3. Would like the auto-generated URL from email to be able to NOT include the "http://" in it. I added custom code to my Sugar install to make website addresses linked, and this code already adds the "http://". So now I have to manually take that code out.

All in all, I'm being pretty critical for what I consider to be a great product addition to SugarCRM.

We're seriously looking at moving up to Broadlook Profiler when budget allows.
Nice job Broadlook!


out of 5 stars

Sugar Review: Works very well in our environment

Reviewed by andyd (11/21/2006)

Sugar Review

We like how Contact Capture simplifies the daily existence of overworked Sales representatives. We've had no problem with the setup. The 30-day trial works just fine.


out of 5 stars

Good idea but needs refinement...

Reviewed by niche (11/17/2006)

This product looks to be very promising, but I could not get it to connect to my SugarCRM server at all.
Because my network settings dictate that my SugarCRM server be on a different port than Apache's default of PORT 80.

Broadlook needs to modify the SugarCRM connection dialog to accept server URLs that explicitly list a differernt port number.
For example:

The Export to SugarCRM dialog returns the following error when you explicitly list a non-default port number:

Your product will not work with SugarCRM if the Sugar server uses an HTTP port other than port 80.
I.e my server address is:

When I try to setup the SugarCRM export settings in Contact Grabber, it gives an error message:

A semi colon character was expected.
Line: 1
<script type="text/javascript" src="incl.

Because of this, I am not able to use or configure this product.
It looks to be a very promising product, but until this minor point is addressed, it is unusable.
If this problem is addressed, I would be happy to re-evaluate and edit the review.

Broadlook provides software tools that build contact and company lead lists from the Internet. These lead lists can be imported into many CRM's to facilitate marketing and sales activities.

Contact Info

    Broadlook Technologies 21140 Capitol Dr Ste 7 Pewaukee, WI 53072 v. 262-754-8080 email: