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Under New Ownership

Reviewed by sugarchimp (02/11/2014)

You love MailChimp and you love SugarCRM.

We heard you loud and clear! So do we, which is why we took over SugarChimp and why we’re committed to creating the easiest, fastest, and best integration out there. We apologize for any past negative support experience that you may have experienced and are committed going forward to making sure that you receive all the help that you need to be successful.


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Poor to non-existent support

Reviewed by azurelink (08/26/2013)

I hate leaving this negative review but am totally frustrated. We purchased this integration to use with SugarCRM CE 6.5.13 in May 2013. There were issues with PHP settings at first which prevented the scheduler from running. But it still didn't run after increasing the PHP settings to required values. Had to play email tag with their support person, who didn't seem to be motivated to help solve the problem and help me to get it working. Finally had to upgrade the software to get the scheduler to run. Product doesn't seem to be reliable as some MailChimp campaign data comes in, while other campaigns do not. And for those that are in, there is no analytic data available, just overall info, i.e., sends, opens, bounces, even though the scheduler says it has been run. Ran it manually and still no update to most recent campaigns run two weeks ago. Numerous emails to their tech support team have not been responded to. Not even a courtesy reply after 5 day since initial contact. 1 star for poor support. 2 stars for product with possibility for great potential — if it was working right now.


The SugarChimp SugarCRM module enables an in depth syncronization of data between SugarCRM and MailChimp. SugarChimp will synronize target lists bidirectionally so that users don't have to deal with importing and exporting CSV's between two systems. Many of the campaign metrics, email open/close details and other details are available in SugarCRM.
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