Qontext Inc.


out of 5 stars

Surpassed my expectations

Reviewed by mashetty (08/01/2011)

This has been a wonderful tool, went beyond my expectations. I was little suspicious about the effectiveness and started using it initially for collaboration among the team members and stakeholders on one project. It was an astounding success. Group members had instant access to the subject matter experts who were sitting across the waters and were able to communicate and complete the project implementation very effectively. Three things that this tool enabled are:
- Reduced duplication
- Kept team focused on objective
- Encouraged team work and best practices.


out of 5 stars

Great Project

Reviewed by cduquev (11/02/2010)

This is a very ambitious project and I dare to say that it is a new step into Social CRM.

Great work, please consider additional language support.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, Qontext Inc. (qontext.com) is a global provider of on demand social networking software for small to large multi national companies and for ISVs seeking to quickly add state-of-the-art social features to their web-based applications.

Businesses are faced with increasing challenges such as cost containment, revenue and innovation goals, global competition, partner channel complexity, and sophisticated customers. Successful executives recognize the need to democratize decision making within their organizations. Social networking technology empowers employees, fosters transparency and is familiar enough to gain rapid adoption. The convergence of social networking, Web 2.0 capabilities, subscription feeds and cloud computing enable this new generation of business collaboration.

Email overload is pervasive. Employees expect additional social collaboration capabilities at work, or they will use public domain tools (e.g., Facebook and Twitter) over which your business has no control of content, access, nor persistence.

Qontext provides a private social collaboration platform for your business facilitating shared bookmarks, discussions, documents, blogs, wikis, photos, videos, polls and more. What makes Qontext unique is its easy inclusion of your existing business applications such as CRM, SFA, HR, ERP, financials, even custom applications. A bulk of business workflows handle ad hoc exceptions involving people from different functions using different applications. Bolting proprietary, disconnected social features onto each application individually does not bridge this gap. Instead, a social platform that easily integrates with, connects and socially enables all of your applications empowers employees to work together however and whenever they need to.

Organizations or teams with one or more of the following attributes are most likely to reap rapid benefits from workplace social networking – geographically and/or time dispersed information workers, high growth, matrix or cross functional virtual teams. On demand private cloud hosting provides the best of all worlds – secure scalability with predictable, optimized IT costs and dependable global SLA.

Qontext was developed by Pramati Technologies, the company that has delivered world-class products for over a decade, including the highly acclaimed Pramati Java™ Middleware and SocialTwist, the word of mouth marketing leader. Qontext is available as a SaaS offering with a monthly subscription.

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